Arizona Broker Advance Fee Agreement

This registration is required by any person who, in exchange for a prepayment or while waiting for a right in advance, either directly or indirectly, acquires directly or indirectly offers or attempts to make a loan of money or an extension of the credit. Who is excluded from this recording? Please read A.R.S. 6-1302. Each additional return is accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $25. An advance broker presents, within thirty days of a substantial fact change, a supplementary statement that takes into account the additional facts established in the initial notification or in a supplementary statement at the time of the annual extension. 6-1305 record; Renewal Reporting Requirements Application Fees and Forms for Advance Fee Loan Brokers Arizona Revised Statues `6-126 and seq `6-1304 Substantive Policy Statements ARTICLE 1 – General Administration APPLICATIONS GE-1 1 1 CREDIT REPORTS/ARREST RECORDS GE-3 For any questions regarding your business review or license, please contact the Financial Enterprise Division at 602-771-2800 or e-mail [email protected] A.R.S. 6-125`s examination fee does not exceed $65 per hour for each examiner. The fine is $50 per day after the 30-day period, so the company must not exceed the assessment of the valuation amount. 6-1308 Refusal, Withdrawal or Suspension of Registration AZDFI`s policy is to select the most effective and effective audit methods to identify significant safety and sound risks, as well as material compliance with legal provisions and, where appropriate, to take appropriate monitoring measures. The judgment must be used to ensure that the necessary procedures are implemented and that ineffective activities are avoided. Application Each initial application is accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $50. According to A.R.S.

6-122 (3), the examination frequency is measured by the person responsible 6-1310 Non-compliance with the validity of the loan.