Simple Data Use Agreement Template

RISC also helps researchers answer the security questions needed for medical medicines and services centers (CMS) and State Center for Health Information and Analysis (CAS) data requests. By downloading or accessing the data application, the downloader consents under this contract. Without limitation of the above, researchers who download data sets do not guarantee this: downloaders will not be unscathed and will retain downloads of data sets from and against any loss, cost, cost, liability or damage, including, but not limited to all reasonable legal fees and legal fees arising from: the use of data and material, but are not limited to the display of parts or any content, including; Comparing material data or content with data or content in other datasets; Reviewing the results of the research with the content presented here; and the extraction and/or appropriation of some of the content here for use in other projects, publications, research or other related work products. When conducting searches with data containing personal identifiers, but not within the IRB definition of the above research (z.B. Other sponsored activities), the IRB would not be involved. However, the HIPPA privacy rule applies when researchers wish to obtain, create, use and/or disclose identifiable health information (see Health Information Privacy Rule – Research Use Purposes – Rule Application to Research Projects). OSP believes that the data owner has already been waived from HIPPA, as described in an agreement between UMBC and the data owner. It is important for researchers to read the terms of an ADU before submitting the draft contract to the UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). It is the researcher`s responsibility to understand and monitor the conditions of the AEA and to use the data only for specific purposes. The PSO believes that a researcher who transmits an ASA to PSO has read these terms and agrees to abide by them, whether or not the researcher`s signature is required on the AEA itself. If a researcher signs such an agreement, they could be exposed to legal and financial risks.