Southwestern Community College Articulation Agreements

The District Community College of Los Angeles (LACCD) supports LASC in our course articulation agreements. LACCD is currently working to extend the course articulation agreements we have with historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to the national level. (3) Students must apply for a credit at the university at the time of admission to university and a student must enrol in the SWCC within 12 months of the bachelor`s degree to be eligible under this agreement. If a student has a problem when transferring classes to a university or university, the student should first try to solve the problem by contacting the transfer institution. In such cases, advisors in the Southwest may be helpful. University Center staff will also assist with transfer requests. The following diplomas are designed with a transfer contract between Southwestern Oregon Community College and the host institution. Students should speak to a counsellor at their transfer university at an early age and work with the SWOCC University Centre. Here are links to the requirements of the General Association of Degree Model Education. Select the academic year in which you started college to see what requirements you need: the articulation is the process of developing a formal, written and published agreement that identifies comparable courses (or study sequences) between institutions.

This process allows the student to avoid repeated courses at the reception university. To ensure you have a good transfer experience, Los Angeles Southwest College works with local and national four-year colleges and universities to find and compare courses or study sequences that the LASC offer, which resembles courses or thought sequences, is offered to other educational institutions. The joint offers all high school students the opportunity to complete the required skills of the post-secondary SWCC, beginner courses. A common core of skills for each course is agreed by high schools and Southwestern or another Iowa Community College. The colleges and universities with which LASC collaborates include: We have a series of articulation agreements with colleges and universities in California and nationally. We continue this list all the time, so be sure to check back often. If there is a university or university where you would like to change, go to our transfer centre to find out what you need to successfully transfer. SWCC works with high school partners to enable a flawless delivery system for articulation agreements. The application for articulation for a career training and technical training (CTE) program can be met by one of the following options: Each transfer university needs courses to complete before the transfer.

Southwestern College has agreements with the following campuses: Their center of gravity in Southwestern will be to acquire the Arts Associate (AA) or the Science Associate (AS) Grad. After you graduate from AA or AS, you have the option to move to a four-year university or university. During your program of study, you will be encouraged to work with your university advisor to meet transfer needs.