Av Union Agreement

Swedish: National Union of Teachers (Sweden) is the only trade union in Sweden to work exclusively for teachers, study counsellors and guidance counsellors. With our 90,000 members, we are one of the largest unions of the Swedish Conference of Professional Associations (Sveriges Akademikers Central Organisation, Saco). The Riksf-rbund is a committed professional association of teachers, study counsellors and career counsellors. We do not accept unqualified headteachers or principals, which gives us a unique ability to represent what is important to professional teachers and to focus on their interests. The majority of our members work in compulsory education (years 1-9), second cycle of secondary education, adult education and universities and higher education institutions. Unionen is Sweden`s largest private labour union. Some of the most common occupations among Union members include project managers, engineers, administrators, economists, IT consultants, technicians, managers and salespeople. Please contact your negotiating team if you have any questions or would like more information about the collective agreement. If the company has a local collective agreement with a union affiliated with the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions, it must enter into an insurance contract with Fora. This means that the employer must purchase insurance for all active workers. In this case, dependents are also insured by the Workers` Compensation Insurance (TFA), which is part of the insurance contract with Fora. Bargaining partners: UNIFOR Collective Agreement: 30 June 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: collective conciliation agreements are signed for certain periods, usually two to four years. A collective agreement is mandatory for both the employers` organization and its members, the union and its members, on the other.

In addition, a collective agreement is generally also in practice, if not theoretically, for individual non-unionized workers and unionized workers who belong to a union other than the union that are part of the collective agreement, provided that (i) the worker works with collective agreement tasks and (ii) that the union to which the worker is affiliated is not bound by another collective agreement with the employer.