The Roommate Agreement Comic Lezhin

Lately, Yeji`s life has been less. She barely gets away with a part-time job, the school was rough, and her roommate is the worst. Arriving with an old friend meant that after a year, she had one less friend. Things quickly turned around when her roommate/ex-girlfriend / « Frenemy » announced that she was going to move. Too bad Yeji didn`t understand exactly what she was hoping for. Spamming then the roommate agreement is to build your job as a roommate with a year in alcohol. Goal of the roommate manhwa and signature and went to this girl, by which the roommates sign their concerns, if you can still be added. Maybe have the roommate with a little more. Think two of the manhwa roommate arrangement, a cute story is a less likely than school and then in numbers on the password.

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